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Weed Delivery Services Booming Amid Coronavirus - PskwCrew


Weed Delivery Services Booming Amid Coronavirus

Weed Delivery Services Booming Amid Coronavirus

Marijuana delivery services in NYC have been experiencing holiday-like sales since the outbreak of coronavirus.

Weed Delivery Services Booming Amid Coronavirus

The people of NYC are determined to enjoy their time in quarantine. Although  can exist on weed-delivery in New York, it is reported that since the outbreak of coronavirus, companies are making close to $10,000 a day. In addition to stocking up on toilet paper and , residents of New York City have been stocking up on weed.

“On an average day, one of them [delivery companies] is making at least 60 deliveries, making on average $8,000–$9,000,” the managing editor of Merry Jane, Zach Sokol, shared with New York Magazine. “They both said in light of corona, they’re hitting holiday season type of traffic, $10,000 today,” he continued. According to Sokol, this past Wednesday was the busiest day of the year for one of the companies he spoke to. They pulled in $16,000 worth of sales, which they attributed to customer’s embodying the “”.

Although business is good, these companies are still concerned about their delivery-people’s health. Due to the increased business, they are choosing not to shut down, however, they are taking heavy precautions. Drivers are required to clean their bikes and delivery containers throughout the day and are not allowed to let clients touch the weed before it belongs to them. Drivers are to use judgement in denying business to those that “seem” sick, in order to keep themselves and their families safe.


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