Breaking News: ‘I’m Pregnant & You Are The Father’- Teni Tells Wizkid

Breaking News: ‘I’m Pregnant & You Are The Father’- Teni Tells Wizkid

wizkid and teni 300x212 - Breaking News: ‘I’m Pregnant & You Are The Father’- Teni Tells Wizkid

Teni comes across as one woman loaded with a lot of humour. The plus-size Nigerian artist says after listening to Wizkid‘s new song ‘Joro’, she has become pregnant for Starboy.

Teni made this ridiculous comment in a tweet earlier this week. Wizkid released Joro on October 1 which coincided with Nigeria’s independence anniversary and it’s doing well across Africa.

Although Teni’s tweet was meant to be a joke, some fans are trying to blur the lines between her statement to see if they are not banging each other already.

See below:


  1. If they are banging each other as you put it, it is none of anyone’s business. They are matured adults. We specialize too much in things that do not concern us. I have my personal concerns to sort out, I can’t be sorting out matured adults and having opinions about them, the way they talk or the way they choose to live their lives. I love these two entertainers! Keep making great music and keep doing Nigeria proud!

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